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This village is a great place to enjoy walking in the mountain, and it's a perfect starting point for a number of hiking trails for all ages and skill levels. Risto`s Guest house can point guests in the right direction or even arrange a guide for longer hikes, trails on hikers can follow trails on either the north or south end of the village to the nearby villages Konjsko or Peshtani. The windy, hilly streets of the village also provide an unforgettable place to explore.

Risto Stojoski's Guesthouses can arrange other traditional activities such as bread baking or tours of the village and nearby churches. Visitors who are lucky enough to come in the fall can arrange to experience the preparation of ajvar, rakija and other agricultural activities.

The best period

All year round activities enlighten the rural experience in Macedonia! The people of Elshani welcome visitors and will be happy to introduce you to their style of living. From early April to late October, days are long with many sunny hours and medium temperatures of the air between 20o and 30o C. This is the right time for outdoor activities, such as water sports and mountain hiking. Winter brings lower temperatures, and sometimes it can snow, as well. However, frost and fog are rarely seen here.


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